Search For Clarity 


Play those tapes


My soul
Write your script

And let you players

Fill your molds
Let your angels sing

In despair

Hovering over 

Where here
Let me cut the rope

Of control

Let go 

Of the thoughts

The fears

Of getting hurt
Let my dreams 

Drive me

Fill me with life
Let the truth lie

Within the depths 

Of my soul
Goals be filled 

With everlasting 




Let me mourn 

And move on

Let me make mistakes

And get stronger
Live lighter

Unhook from problems 

And solve mysteries

Let my soul 

Crave knowledge of your will

Oh G-d
Let my soul thirst 

For you

Thirsting for knowledge

For humility

To see your 


Your grace
Your hand 

Holding me 

Even when inside 

I feel so alone

When I feel like

The world 

Is against me
Like my efforts 

Go into an empty void

Oh G-d 

It’s your world

I am doing 

Your mission

So give me strength

To do the task

You gave me


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