New poetry video

​Yippee! I made a video of me reading my unity (3 weeks) poem with expression and rythym:-)
Link to video:
Now is the the 3 weeks which many years ago the Holy Temple was being destroyed so I try not to listen to music but it’s really hard for me. I tried to express in this poem how I feel often in the 3 weeks.
Music is my Oxygen,

It’s like my blood,

Pumps my heart,

It’s my love
So the lack 

There of 

At this time 

So long
It pushes me 


As I lean forward now

I see the world
I see it dry

I see it cold

How different 

It’s what I’ll sacrifice 

For the pain

The mourning 

Of my ancestors 
It’s how I look 

Into myself 

And feel 

The destruction
And though 

You may not know 

What I’m saying
It’s the Holy Temple

Which was burning 

In flames

Three weeks 

It all took

While the world shook
G-d’s home


Was gone

None to show
Just deep pain 

And shock 

So many slain
And some say 

The trigger was

Lack of unity

Lack of love
So let’s hold hands

Lets proclaim 

We will unite

And sanctify

G-d’s holy name
We will hold strong

And sing this song

Of unity and love

Just because
To fill the void

The pain




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