To heal a broken heart

My delicate heart
Is broken
It feels like a sord
Stabed it
Now broken

Why do hearts feel
Oh so delicate
Why does pain last long
And deep

Whats the point of

Or hate
I don’t get it

I’m loosing my balance

I need to refocus
Is this really a reflection
Of the soul yearning
For a G-dly connection?

What it all for?
Now I have to learn
To listen to my soul
To understand
The hurt

Theres a verse
‘my soul thirsts for you oh G-d’
Though I can’t belive this is just a taste
Or is it a waste
Cause being hurt
Realy is unpleasant

I will never fully
Get it
Never fully understand
My G-ds
Master plan
Though I need to hold on tight
Even when my tears are
Pouring through the night

That life gets better
Good things don’t allways last forever
The only one I can really rely on
Is my G-d
Though confusing at times
G-d will be mine

I send my love to all those
Who live with pain from
A broken heart

I bless you to find
To move on
To accept
As it is

Your soul will shine
Through this tough time
Just be true to yourself
And no one else

Your heart will heal
Though it seems impossible
You will be ok

Hold on
To trust in G-d
He created you
He will heal you
And be there for you


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