My soul thirsts for you

My soul thirsts for you
Oh G-d

It longs to unite
With its source

This longing
In many ways
In our earthly

Torah Ohr (book written by the Alter Rebbe)
Puts it
Like this
One’s cravings
And desires
Are G-dly

It even gives an example
One craves a apple
What one is really craving
Is G-d’s attribute of
Chessed (Goodness)

And Then there are
Those writings about how
Marriage is a mini
Because what’s redemption?
It is a time when we will
Be closer to G-d
The source of our souls
Then ever before

So that pleasure
That feeling we get
When we connect with
People, things and ideas
That we desire to be close to
Are only a taste of the feeling
We will have
At the time of the

Good Shabbos!


2 thoughts on “My soul thirsts for you

  1. I think it’s great that you have the confidence to share your personal thoughts and G-d given talents to the world! After 120 B”H, when Hashem asks you what you did with your talent, you can say “gave chizuk and inspired the world!”

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