I want to cry
cry out
with tears
to G-d almighty
to end all the pain

I want to beg him
to bring life back
to stop the attacks
to comfort those hurt
to show us you care more
you are close

It is times
like now
that I feel
I feel alone
soo far from

But who are you?
I ask
my dear G-d.
are you really
the one who caused
all the pain
are you around
when your children in Isreal
are slain?

Dear G-d,
I will be honest right now
I want to love you
I wish I could
I want to feel a warm connection
but I can’t
I wish I could

I am working to change
my perspective
to shift

But it’s all so confusing
in this world
you created

there are times of peace
short ones
times when people are honest

where are you when the critics
come out
when they try and tear
your bravest apart

where are you when
the steadfast are bold
and brake out of the
old -unhealthy mold?

Where are you oh G-d
who I’m told to love
you love me

I see fog now
as I navigate
this world
full of fear and hate
I need to see you
through this dark
I need to feel you here

But I am still learning
who are you
and till I really know
and feel
your existence
and kind

I will hold my breath
do my best
to try and be
who I think
you want me to be
try to pray
talk to you
how I think
I can relate



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