Is it safe to be Naive?

recently some people have turned me off
they wanted money
and dropped their integrity
used Torah (Bible) and Halacha (Jewish code of law) to harass me
tried covering up others garbage
and set me up
to get hurt
so they will make a buck

It hurts so much
because they call themselves religious
though I thank G-d their intent was detected
before things really hurt

I’ve been in shock for some time
lost in despair
to see people loose their integrity
for money
I fear

It’s got me to start to think much
start to doubt allot
start to think hard
if it’s worth it to be pure
cause then I am naive and get hurt
then I believe
in peoples integrity
more then I should
then I can get hurt.

And when people act this way
it hurts
it hurts my relationship with
Torah (Bible) and Halacha (Jewish code of law)
It paralyses me
makes me question and doubt
makes my soul wonder
will this happen again?
is it good to be Frum (Religious)
and get hurt by the greedy
it it good to be naive
and be blinded by
others tricky dealings?


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