What’s going on in Israel really hurts.


The pain
Cuts deep
I restrain 
To weep

My heart 
My soul
The hole

It will

G-d! Where are you?
I don’t feel you
What has become 
Of your loved ones

No one shall fear
None shall dear
I breathe deep
Think Greek
Feel pain
Feel broken.

They were slain?
In the Promised Land 
Then on my block
Then in our land again..

How to live 
With the news
How to believe
G-d loves
Us Jews?
Oh so tough
Oh so rough

I will breath 
I will let myself feel
Let myself heal.
Enough is enough

Show us you love us
Show us you care 
Show us you’re here
Bring Moshiach now!
Enough is enough! We care!


2 thoughts on “What’s going on in Israel really hurts.

  1. Amen. I have family living in Israel, I’m always thinking about them and their security. No living soul should have to go through the stress of questioning whether or not the next day will come.

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