Lighting Up The Dark Times

Now is a moment

As an artist
This that I feel
It’s real

The fear
The despair
I can now choose
To win or loose

To be a victim
Or a hero
To let negativity take the reigns
Or take the broken glass
And make it beautiful

I feel so alone
Even though I know G-d
I know he is with me right now
Holding my hand

I just can’t seem to feel it
The feelings are overpowering
Feel so real

I try and do do do
I believe in this
I love it
Life can pull me down
To frown

I need to choose
To believe
To focus on my goals
And achieve

I need to toil
To sow
And then things
Will grow

I now am making a choice
I will listen to my inner voice
I will believe
I will succeed

The winds are so strong
My roots
Holding tight
I will do whats right
I will get through
This dark night

I love you
You love me
You care
More then anyone I see

Your holding me
I feel peace
I no longer am alone
I am here
Right by your throne


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