My scribbling mind

I was afraid to write this poem, afraid to say anything negative in my poetry…afraid to uncover the struggle. But I’m told to do it. (Thank you Hevria!) Write the poem. Also inspired by Rivka Nehorai’s article:

My scribbling mind



But pieces seem
To just be falling
Absence of light is

Try as I might
Peace aint right
Young and old

Purity a flaw
When the big guys
Want more and more
Want to leech off me
Like no tomorrow

So I’m on a quest
For truth
In my youth
One that is full

How to stand strong
How to only bring peace
But to stand on my feet
How to take failure
How to be a
Inner winner

To feel my inner voice
With clarity
To see past all the obscurity
To believe
To be free

In this winter
This cold
When I can’t take a boat
And float away
Breathe in that fresh air

Forget life’s troubles
Life’s despair
Oh, I just want it to be

This harsh
Cold world
Is not gentle
On my big heart
That wants to give

That heart wants to
To love
To heal
To be real

But sadly
Like sheep to the wolves
Day in and out
My heart gets stabbed
I want to shout
To scream
I don’t

I save my voice for words
That will nurture
Bring happiness
Bring love
To the world

To this cold
Scary world
This world full of

But to those out there like me
Be gentle
On your sweet soul
But don’t be controlled
By the wolves

The wolves
They want to leech off you
Take all you got
And make them bigger
Leaving you wasted
Don’t! My child

Learn to say no
Be assertive
Then let go
The signs of safe people

People who actually care
People who are humble
People who will protect you
They won’t make you stumble.

To you my sweet soul
I want to send you
Strength and love
To persevere
Give love
Stand up for yourself
Be real

Take care
Pure soul
Your job is so crucial
So needed
You will be ok

Just remember to listen to your soul
Take care of your inner child
And don’t ever let someone tell you
What you need or want
Where you need to be
How you need to act
You know

Listen to yourself
Be real
No one really cares
As much as you
Be true to you
If not

You’ll fail
You Won’t be
To live your life
Do your job right
Don’t take flight

Hold tight
Though the winds are strong
Though those wolves are strong
Are loud
You will be ok
Just be true to your soul

…….ongoing struggles of one who is trying to hold a candle in this windy night.


2 thoughts on “My scribbling mind

    • Thanks for the good feedback. I’m happy you enjoyed! Yes, it was a powerful poem for me. I read it over many times after writing it…sometimes I wonder how my poetry can say such focused messages I would not think usualy.


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