Giving and Gratitude

Thank you
Something that’s said
Thats done

Its a feeling
Filled with love
Its said the moment
We get up
Then on and on

We spiritual beings
Aren’t self sufficient
We need each other
Dear sister and brother


It’s the give and take
When all’s at stake
Its the beauty of simplicity
It sets us free

Makes us happy
And all those around
It’s best done quiet
Go try it

Its the way of G-d
He gives us the ability
Gives us food and money
So we can share and make Others happy

Then the receiver
Their joy
Is great

You helped G-d end their pain
Their humility
And fate
The lives at stake

You placed a light of peace
Put the world at ease
Did good
Made yourself whole

Conected to G-d
To other’s
To your soul

Keep doing it
And it’ll even
Feel so good


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