Song of strength

This song was written by Mrs. Tiferes Levy. It was written for a movie that my High School in Chicago, Bnos Rabienu, put together called ‘In My Father’s Footsteps’.

TTTO: Nigun Leshabbos Veyom Tov – Art, Music & Poetry –…/…/jewish/Nigun-Leshabbos-Veyom-Tov.htm

This song is what keeps me going despite life’s challenges and confusion:

Here I stand alone

Facing fearful tones

Once I finally saw the light

My world comes crashing

I will not let this brake me

For I know

G-d will lead me through this

He will show

My steadfast Trust

Will help me to go on

No, I won’t give in

I’ll hold strong


G-d I turn to you

Once again for strength

Please help me to triumph

In this test I face

I will make it through

I place my faith in you


I will wait

Boundless now

I am in your hands

Free of worldly pressures

I have become

Yes I am empowered

Blocked by no one

My faith in only you

Gave me strength anew

All you do is true


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