Frustrations of Learning Disabled students

Edited by Rabbi S. Binyomin Ginsberg

Unleashed power
Caused by some educators
Oblivious of great effort
Causing severe teaching errors

Frustrations and anxieties
Lacking morality
As much effort put forth by the student
The teachers remain clueless
Success is sadly granted to gifted minds

Unfairness and torture
Working to fail
The despair unbearable
No wonder why so many just give up

But I am no looser
My talents are many
Just not in academics
But sadly that’s how I’m measured

Wasted talents
Toiling and horror
Weak and pained
How to move on I don’t know
I’m so completely drained

Please educator
Stop measuring your students
By their academics
Open your eyes to their individual progress

With patience you will see
How talented we are
We can learn
And really go far

Our brains are just wired a bit differently
But that is what makes us great
We can really make you proud
All we need is your care and attention


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